Services & Care

We locate and purchase machines deemed appropriate for restoration and offer them for resale. We also accept customer typewriters for restoration. For more information on this service please contact us.

Care For Your Typewriter

If keys do start to stick over time, apply a light lubricant oil such as Lilly White. Apply SPARINGLY to the type arm hinge point in the basket area

Do not leave paper in the typewriter for extended time periods as it will flatten the rollers

Be careful using liquid white out as it is a form of paint and will dry in areas and create problems

Do not slam the carriage into the stops as this may cause breakage. The carriage should be moved smoothly

When not using the typewriter for extended periods, release the roller tension as the rollers can flattened

Periodically brush out dust and debris to keep the parts working as they should

Store your typewriter in a temperature and humidity controlled environment

NOTE: Mechanical devices like to be used. Long periods of inactivity cause oils to stagnate and dry. Make sure to use your typewriter to keep the parts lubricated

Customer Packing and Shipping

All typewriter keys must have packing paper or newspaper loosely packed to prevent keys from moving.

The typewriter needs to be put in a bag or clear wrapper and put back inside it's carrying case, if there is one.

Additional packing material needs to be packed into the case to prevent the typewriter from shifting within the case. Lock typewriter in place if option available.

The case is then either clear wrapped or placed in another plastic bag.

The typewriter or typewriter and case then need to be bubble wrapped securely.

A packing box needs to be secured.

It is recommended to pad box sides with 2-3" foam boards on all sides of the box to keep the typewriter fully padded.

Place the typewriter inside the box, then add additional packing peanuts to ensure the piece does not shift within the box. Shake box to ensure packing peanuts fall into gaps and nothing is able to move around inside box.

Inside the box include a card with your return address and the authorization number given for service.

Securely tape the box on all seams

Apply the ship to and return address labels

Apply fragile stickers or mark fragile on the box as well as indicate which side is UP.

It is recommended that you use UPS as your carrier, however whichever carrier selected, the typewriter needs to be insured for full value.

Careful packing is stressed to ensure that the piece arrives in the same condition that it was when shipped from us.

90 Day Limited Warranty

Warranty is a 90 day limited service warranty. See Service Contract Extended Warranty for details. Contact us for authorization number for servicing.

All shipping to and from as well as insurance is the responsibility of the buyer.

It is recommended using UPS as they will accept large heavy items.

Purchases will not be considered under warranty if typewriter is not insured for full value and not packed according to the manner outlined in packing policies.


We utilize UPS for our shipping needs. Please make sure your PayPal payment shows a street address and not a P.O. Box.

We do not ship overseas or to APO/FPO addresses